Consultative Service Portfolio

Removing barriers and transforming the way we work, teach, and learn.


Academic and Event Services

We provide technical support and training for live and online events and educational sessions, so your academic sessions and events run seamlessly.


E.Flo MD Services

E.Flo MD integrates a teaching and learning platform that provides learners, instructors, and program administrators with consistent management and delivery of educational activity.


Education Technology

Through combining technology with education theory and practice, we create an all-digital curriculum, which means technology intersects with (and enhances) every part of teaching and learning. 


Innovation and Technology

We promote innovations in technology and generate ideas to advance initiatives that improve the health of our communities and support better outcomes in health.


Instructional Design

We can help you structure materials and teaching methods to create the best learning environment for students and show you how to use the technology.


Technology Projects and Support

If you need assistance deciding which technical solution is best suited for your needs, we can help you select and implement all technical solutions.


Technology Training

No matter where you are in your technical knowledge, we’ll meet you there and help you learn our technology and understand the applications.


Digital Publishing 

The Digital Publishing team creates beautiful learning materials spanning all four years of medical education, reducing the cognitive load so students can spend their mental energy on gaining knowledge.

illustration of students interacting with educational technology

Education Technology

  • Instructional and classroom support
  • iPad and other student device programs
  • Learning management systems configuration & administration
  • Medical Education application specialties
  • Training and professional development
  • 3D Printing
  • Virtual Reality
Illustration of E.Flo app page

E.Flo MD

Partner with us and we will help you make the most of this complex and highly extensible platform.

  • Configuration and customization
  • Use case analysis
  • New feature requests
  • Enhancement requests
  • Training, documentation, and support
  • Information sharing with peer institutions
illustration of a flow chart for business operations

Business Operations and Workflow

We will work with you to document existing processes, help to identify strengths and opportunities, recommend best practices, and help to facilitate new initiatives or events.

  • Consultation and needs analysis
  • Project management
  • Technical communications
  • Onboarding and departures
  • Video conferencing live support
  • Event planning logistical support

Instructional Design

  • Content Curation
  • Digital Publishing
  • eBook design and production
  • Instructional strategies
  • Infographics
  • Image search and licensing
  • Podcasting
  • Video production

New Equipment and Software

  • Procurement
  • Implementation
  • Strategic planning
  • Systems administration
  • Technical support
illustration of various devices with WSU logo on screen

Custom Apps and Data Services

We can develop or extend software and data pipelines when no off-the-shelf solution fits the need.

  • Software development and maintenance
  • Data analysis and dashboards
illustration of custom application

Website Creation

Put our collective experience in the web development and design industry to work for your team, and let’s bring your materials to life!

  • Custom URLs and web hosting
  • Information architecture
  • Animations and illustrations
  • Page templates, layout, and design
  • User Interface and experience
  • Copy editing
illustration of laptop with html folders around it