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We strengthen your learning materials so you shine as the expert.

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What we can do for you . . .

The Instructional Design team integrates digital resources, content, design, and instructional techniques to deliver an innovative all-digital curriculum. We can help you structure materials and teaching methods to create the best learning environment for students; moreover, we assist faculty in learning how to use the technology that students use to study (and also expect to use in their courses). Faculty who work with the Instructional Design team don’t have to be experts at Zoom, digital whiteboards, or E.Flo MD—we learn:

  • what you’re teaching
  • help you decide the best way to deliver it
  • advise how to make your classes more interactive (and therefore well attended), whether in person, hybrid, or remote. And then we walk you through each step, until you’ve got it down.

The goal of the Instructional Design team is to help strengthen our faculty’s work by identifying areas where including technology would help, or by reviewing your materials and making sure they look consistent, function well, and accommodate a range of learning styles. We want you to focus on teaching and stop wrestling with formatting. Our faculty create the content they want students to learn, and we make it cohesive with the rest of the curriculum, and thus easier for students to master.

Faculty can shine as experts in their field, while we take care of making the materials look appealing and the teaching look high-tech and effortless.

Are you struggling to create visually appealing and consistent classroom materials?
Contact the Instructional Design Team to see what we can do for you.

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