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Your privacy is important to us, as is ensuring that all students have access to session content for their learning. Here is what you need to know about Panopto session recordings.

  1. Shared screens.
  2. Video of the classroom, typically focused on the speaker podium.
  3. If the session has a remote speaker, the video will include the speaker and students who unmute to ask questions.
  • Faculty
  • Students enrolled in that course.
  • Administrative staff who directly support medical education.

All students who have been enrolled in the course will have access to the session recordings. Just like being present in a classroom, you may be able to see and hear other enrolled students and should expect to be captured in the recordings.

FERPA prohibits us from sharing session recordings that contain identifiable students beyond the enrolled cohort, which can include visible or audible students.

Sometimes, things go wrong—a recording isn’t started at the beginning of a session, the audio cuts out in the middle, or something else happens that leaves us with a less-than-perfect version of a session recording.

When this occurs, MedTech will inform students as soon as the error has been identified and will work with the Office of Curriculum on how to rectify the error.

For severe issues, we may retrieve a previous session recording and redact (by permanently editing out) identifiable students from the video, including all visible or audible instances. If we are unable to produce a version of the video that does not contain identifiable students, we may ask faculty to re-record the session.

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