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Imagine students absorbing your wisdom through superb digital content.

Services Include:


What we can do for you . . .

The Digital Publishing team digitizes your content and shares it via the web and other digital platforms. You don’t have to be a web wizard or an expert at formatting Word documents—give us your knowledge, and we’ll weave it into a beautiful and well-structured website, presentation, or eBook. We’ll . . .

  • Fix the fonts so the text looks perfect.
  • Format all of the images and diagrams to look consistent.
  • Add interactivity and multimedia when it suits.

Our projects have an intuitive, consistent look and interface, so students can effortlessly dig in to their job—learning. Everyone wins: You don’t have to fuss with documents, your materials look better than anything on ClinicalKey, and your students can carry on absorbing your brilliance.

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