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AirServer is a desktop application that allows you to mirror your iPad screen on a desktop computer , similar to how Apple TV or Chromecast works. This is useful when multiple people need to see one iPad screen when collaborating.

AirServer should already be installed and running in most classrooms and in the Anatomy Lab.

Connect to AirServer

  1. On the classroom computer, click the Airserver connect icon icon in the taskbar by the clock. Select QR Code for AirServer Connect. This will open a new screen with a QR code ().
  1. On the iPad , open the Connect app Connect and click the Scan QR Code button at the bottom of the app. Use the Viewfinder to scan the QR code on the computer screen.
  1. You should get a success message once the computer and device have successfully paired.

Take note of the connection added—this is what you will need to connect to in the next step.

  1. Next, swipe down from the top-right corner of the iPad screen and tap Screen Mirroring. Select the computer that was added with the QR code in Step 2 above.

You should be connected and mirroring to the computer now.

If you are having trouble connecting, please contact MedTech on Slack for assistance.

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