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Our Technology Classrooms PBS Small-Group Room Tour

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  • Thirty-six-seat classroom with movable tables and chairs
  • Retractable wall to divide the space in half
  • Projector and whiteboard wall
  • VDI computer with Smart Podium
  • HDMI cable for laptop and tablet connection
  • Videoconferencing capable
    • One instructor camera, one student camera
    •  Microphone at the front of the room attached to the student camera

How the Room Is Most Frequently Used

The room is most frequently used for small-group sessions.

  • CBL has students and a facilitator in the room discussing the week’s case (iBook format), possibly being displayed on the projector through AirServer, and using the whiteboard wall for notes and collaboration.
  • APM has students receiving large-group instruction from Zoom and the videoconferencing technology. APM also has small-group sessions designed to discuss and practice various clinical skills, as well as other topics and information.

Furniture Arrangement for Hybrid or Remote Participants

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