Room Setup with Zoom Component

Our Technology Classrooms Room Setup with Zoom Component

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Set Up Your Classroom

  1. When you enter the room, configure tables and chairs for group seating of 8 people facing the whiteboard/screen in a U shape, as seen above.
  2. Pull out the box of markers on the podium or in the podium drawer if you will need to use them.

Zoom in a Classroom

Tap here for instructions to get your classroom connected!

Clean Up your Classroom

  1. The podium and projector should turn themselves off once the Zoom meeting has ended.
  2. Configure tables and chairs back to the original setup, as shown below.

  1. If they were used, clean the dry erase boards by using the eraser first and then the spray cleaner with a cloth, and return the marker box to the place it was found.
  2. Please turn the lights off as you leave.

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