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Group Study Rooms

Group study rooms have the following equipment:

    • Monitor with remote
    • Minicomputer (mounted on the back of monitors)
    • Keyboard with trackpad

Every computer has AirServer so you can cast from any device. Please see the page on AirServer to learn how to cast from an iPad.

These are not touchscreens! Please use the keyboard/trackpad to navigate.

Stdent Lounge big flatscreen monitor
Group study technology

Learn more about AirServer Connect.

The Monitor

To turn the monitor on/off, use the remote that is attached to the back of the monitor next to the minicomputer. Please turn off the monitor when not in use.

  • Blue light: On
  • Red light: Off

The Minicomputer

A black screensaver will turn on after 15 minutes of inactivity to preserve the life of the monitor. Hit a key or touch the trackpad to exit the screensaver.

The computer is always on. Do not turn the computer off unless you need to restart the system because of an issue. If restarting the minicomputer does not resolve the problem, please contact MedTech via Slack or email.

  • Blue light: On
  • Orange light: Off
Minicomputer located behind the monitor
The minicomputer is anchored to the wall behind the monitor.

Do not download or install applications on these computers. Please contact MedTech if you would like specific applications to be available.

Please place the keyboard and remote back in their respective locations when you are finished using them.

Individual Study Space

There isn’t much technology in the individual study space right now. You will find a printer on the table in the far corner; it should have a more permanent home in the future.

Keep Learning

AirServer Connect