NEJM Knowledge+ is now part of Amboss

Amboss recently announced their acquisition of NEJM Knowledge+ from the esteemed NEJM Group, setting a new gold standard in medical learning and patient care!

The most noticeable aspect of this is that there are now an additional 3,095 questions added to the platform available to any Amboss user. These questions are directed more towards residents, since they are primarily for specialty board certifications in Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, and Pediatrics. There are also other areas in the platform, like the library and clinician mode, that will see some more robust content and improved features in the near future.

Alongside this, Amboss is planning to release a new and revamped educator tool, which will really improve the usability. Some of the new functionality includes really basic things, such as duplicating previous quizzes to make an updated one. It’s coming very soon, and Amboss will share more information on that as we get a bit closer to the release date!

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