A library paywall workaround: LibKey Nomad

Imagine: you find a super cool article on PubMed. When you click on it . . . no dice. You can only view the abstract! This never happens!

Ah, the dreaded paywalls of library resources.

A person may start to feel like they are on a weird, futile quest . . .

But yes! We have a solution to that! (And it’s free! )

Just download a little browser extension to your computer! Search for LibKey Nomad in the App Store (Mac | Windows | Android ), and you will see options for downloading this extension to your preferred browser.

In this case, I chose Mozilla Firefox addons because that is the browser I use most often. I also went back and added it to my Chrome browser as well. What can I say? I like options.


When you download the extension, it will ask you what institution to which you are associated. Choose Washington State University from the pull-down menu.

Now, when I view my browser, I have this cute little green teardrop sitting in my extensions.

Heading back to the library site, I can now start searching (making sure I am logged into the network, of course), with the little LibKey teardrop on the bottom-left corner of the page as well.

The “proof is in the pudding” as my Mum always said, so the real test will be what I get on my search results.

Oooh . . . ahhh!

The little LibKey Nomad is doing the job: I have direct links to the articles! I can download the PDF right away, or I can click straight through to the article without jumping through more hoops.

It's a brand-new day in Library Land.

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