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Shi Min Tan

Class of 2023/Tri-Cities

I have climbed two different volcanoes.

What’s your pre-med school technology background?

Before starting medical school, my tech background was limited—I enjoyed dabbling in tech-related activities here and there, like photo/video editing, but nothing too crazy. However, when I was in research, every once in a while, I would get to use the big fancy instruments!

What’s your favorite app? 

I would classify my favorite apps in 3 categories:

  • For medical school, it is definitely Osmosis.
  • For clinical rotations, I really love MDCalc. It is a super handy-dandy tool when you are evaluating a patient.
  • For non-school related, I love my Podcast app! It keeps me awake during my drives.

What’s the best part about being a Student Tech Lead? 

One of the best parts about being a Student Tech Lead is being able to connect with faculty, staff, and students in a different way, as well as the opportunities to explore different medical technologies.

However, I would say the biggest perk of it all is I get to work with an awesome and supportive team!

How do you plan to incorporate technology into your practice as a physician? 

I envision myself using technology to help me guide patients to better understand their disease processes and their treatment options. Especially as an aspiring surgeon, I want to be able to utilize technology to explain to patients their procedures to help minimize their anxiety.

Aside from technology, what do you nerd out over? 

Food! I would call myself a foodie. I love trying out different recipes and different cuisines! If you ever travel with me, don’t worry about sightseeing because we may not have time. We would be going to one food spot after another.

What is your number 1 tech tip for med students or faculty?

The classic trick is turning things on and off, but if that doesn’t work, try googling it and if that still doesn’t work, reach out to your trusty IT team!

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