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Aivi Tran

Class of 2023/Everett

Cherry tomatoes are my favorite fruit!

What’s your pre-med school technology background?

My technology background before starting medical school was pretty limited: moreso just helping older folks in my family navigate their devices. Though I have dabbled in a bit of Photoshop, iMovie, and Final Cut Pro!

What’s your favorite app? 

There are quite a few apps that I have used throughout my third year, but here are just a few:

    • 3D4 Medical Complete Anatomy: I fell in love with anatomy my first semester of medical school. Definitely keep this tool in your back pocket during surgery rotations, because surgeons love to ask you about anatomy!
    • Core Clerkships: Starting out your third year can be really overwhelming. There is so much to learn and keep track of, and this app was definitely a great tool to help me get organized.

What’s the best part about being a Student Tech Lead? 

I love being able to connect with other medical students and faculty members through the Office of Technology. I couldn't ask for a more friendly and supportive team to be a part of!

How do you plan to incorporate technology into your practice as a physician? 

As a future family physician, I am most interested in the ways that we can utilize technology to help our patients not only understand but also manage their acute and chronic diseases, ranging from tech related to medical translation to cardiac event monitoring!

Aside from technology, what do you nerd out over? 

Rock climbing! I was introduced to bouldering my first year of med school, and I absolutely loved it. This year I started dipping my toe into top-roping, and it has been so much fun. Definitely a great way to destress and get those endorphins pumping!

What is your number 1 tech tip for med students or faculty?

Don’t be afraid to phone a friend. The Office of Technology team is only one Slack message away!

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