You see our names behind Slack posts, email messages, and E.Flo communications—but who is the Office of Technology, really? Get to know us a little more (and see which treats we prefer, if you want to bring some by).

Today we are featuring Alex Fritz, who keeps our department running by taking care of all of the Finance tasks, thank goodness!

Alex Fritz

IT Journey Business Analyst

joined the team

June 2017

What brought you to the College of Medicine?

Since 2008 I have worked in the healthcare IT field, implementing software and managing IT systems in hospitals, clinics, and air ambulatory facilities. I saw coming to the College of Medicine as an opportunity to be a part of something new and meaningful to the community. Elson Floyd was also the university president when I went to WSU for my undergrad, so this place has always had a special place in my heart. Go Cougs!

What do you love about living in Spokane?

For its size, Spokane has excellent restaurant options. Also, the spring time is a perfect climate in my opinion, not too hot or too cold.

What is your favorite kind of cookie?

I don’t really eat cookies . . . but if you leave a box of any sort of Trader Joe’s cookie around me, I will probably eat the whole the thing and then feel really guilty about it.

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