You see our names behind Slack posts, email messages, and E.Flo MD missives—but who is the Office of Technology, really? Get to know us a little more (and see which treats we prefer, if you want to bring some by).

Get to know Greg, the mastermind behind the College’s new Colleagues app (if you’re lucky enough to get to use it)!

Greg Raab

Applications System Analyst & Developer

joined the team

February 2020

What brought you to the College of Medicine?

I have been developing software and websites for a long time. The College of Medicine was a new challenge in a field I had not worked in before.

How did you spend your summer days off?

Summer plans are to waterski/surf, mountain bike, and golf (poorly) as much as humanly possible, topped off with a trip to Alaska just a few weeks ago.

What is your favorite kind of cookie?

Lately it has been a gluten-free/flourless monster cookie (even though I have no dietary gluten restrictions).

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