Meet the team: Heather Jansen

You see our names behind Slack posts, email messages, and E.Flo MD missives—but who is the Office of Technology, really? Get to know us a little more (and see which treats we prefer, if you want to bring some by).

Meet the newest member of our team: digital publishing wizard Heather Jansen.

Heather Dakota Jansen

Web and Digital Publishing Coordinator

joined the team

March 21, 2022 (Spring Equinox)

What brought you to the College of Medicine?

It’s serendipitous that I wound up at the College of Medicine since I am a former pre-med student turned book editor and designer. I’m one big dichotomy. For 27 years, I’ve been in the publishing industry as a creative manager, writing, editing, and designing children’s books. As a freelancer, I helped indie authors publish their books, including two doctors. Somewhere along the way, I taught myself web design, too. And here I am. When you find a job that fits you like a glove? Yes, please.

What kind of projects are you working on?

My projects consist of designing and editing webpages and iBooks (and illustrating marmots, ‘cause they’re so cute!).

What is your secret tech tip?

Did you turn it off and on? Kidding.

My favorite tech tip is the use of shortcut keys. As a writer and designer, the less mousing, the better. Here are some basic keystrokes everyone can use to be more productive, and they work with most programs:

    • Select all text: Cmd + a | Ctrl + a
    • Cut selected text: Cmd + x | Ctrl + x
    • Copy selected text: Cmd + c | Ctrl + c
    • Paste selected text: Cmd + v | Ctrl + v
    • Align text left: Cmd + l | Ctrl + l
    • Align text right: Cmd + r | Ctrl + r
    • Align text center: Cmd + e | Ctrl + e
    • Save: Cmd + s | Ctrl + s
    • Undo last action: Cmd + z | Ctrl + z (best shortcut EVER!)

How are you spending your summer days off?

This summer, I am . . .

    1. Foraging for wild fruits and herbs. And grazing, of course.
    2. Writing a novel—deadlines ahead!
    3. Hiking and camping in the backcountry. Goes hand-in-hand with #1.


What do you love about living in Spokane?

Wanderlust is in my veins. When I was looking for a place to live (more permanently), I had a long list of criteria gathered from my travels. Water, mountains, four seasons, diversity, and a small-town vibe topped the list. Spokane checked all the boxes, and here I am . . . to stay!

What is your favorite kind of cookie?

Homemade! My faves are lemon cookies, peanut butter chocolate chip, and ginger snaps.

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I love science and learning.
As I was doing research for my novel (set 500 years in Earth’s future),
I found this article about what Earth and our civilization might look like. Fascinating!

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