Organize your life with Asana

Do you want to get more experience in Asana, but you’re not quite sure where to start? It can be intimidating at first to get into the project-management mindset and see where it applies to your work. But there is an easier way to familiarize yourself with the app while getting the benefits of capturing real work—and it is probably where you least expect it: at home.

I have been using Asana for a few years to capture my personal life. From housework to vacations, I have a board for that. It might seem like an extra chore, but if you like to multitask, this is a great way to learn Asana without the added pressure of mastering it on the job.

Full disclosure: I have long been a sucker for checklists. I used to make lists for myself as a kid, whether it was cleaning my room or starting a lemonade business .

Asana Projects that you can create for yourself


  • Start two columns: one for recipes, and one for each day of the week.
  • In your recipes column, create tasks using the recipe name, then attach links or list out ingredients.
  • As you plan your menu for the week, move recipes to the days you want to make them—it’s easy to swap them if you change your mind.
  • Use this board to create your shopping list for the week.


  • Gather ideas and create itineraries.

House projects

  • Create custom fields to track spending and create a report to see how much you have spent and where the money has gone.

Chore charts

  • You can set chore tasks to have repeating due dates—never forget to replace that fridge filter again!
  • If you are really ambitious, mount a tablet in a shared space, pull up your project. and use Asana for the whole family.

Event planning

  • Weddings, birthdays, holidays—you can run with this one!

I really hope this inspires you to adventure more into Asana—and get creative!

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