WSU password recommendations

It’s been six months—you should have seen this coming, yet it surprises you every time: it’s time to change your WSU password. We’re all too familiar with the wave of dread upon receiving that email . . . and the regret after ignoring the email and getting locked out of your account a few days later. Either way, it’s time to set up a new password! 

As you’re heading over to to begin the process, we have a few recommendations for you:

Not totally password related, but do you get frustrated by the multifactor authentication process when logging in? We like the Okta Verify app—you can verify your identity through a button tap on your phone instead of having to enter the six-digit code from a text message. 

Our last tip?

When you get that email prompt that your password is expiring, don’t put it off! It’s never going to be convenient to change your password, so go ahead and change it. Afterwards, you can treat yourself to a cookie (did someone say cookies? This kind has sprinkles!) for a job well done.  

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