Asana Pulse Check: June 2022

Since our last Asana pulse check, everything from members to tasks has seen an uptick. As a college, we are learning to integrate Asana into our everyday. Let’s take a quick look at the graph and interpret the story the data is telling us about our engagement in Asana. 

At first glance, you may notice a downward trend in the graph, and this may seem alarming. Rest assured, fellow Asana users, when a tool is first introduced, it is common to see a spike followed by a drop in usage. This is often caused by new users exploring and testing the new tool.

Another factor that probably contributed to the spike and drop-off was the end of our school year—many of us are probably wrapping up work and heading off to enjoy some well-deserved vacation time.

If you are a current Asana user and finding yourself less engaged with the tool, it might be time to get a quick refresher on how you can use Asana in your workflow. We have lots of resources—attend one of our Asana Learning Labs, hosted by our very own Jacki Hudec. Or, if you prefer to learn at your own pace, Asana Academy has lots of great tutorials to browse through.

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