Meet the team: James Henderson

You see our names behind Slack posts, email messages, and E.Flo communications—but who is the Office of Technology, really? Get to know us a little more (and see which treats we prefer, if you want to bring some by).

We are continuing today with the irreplaceable James Henderson, who has the noteworthy distinction of having covered all four years of medical education singlehandedly last year!

James Henderson

Education Technology Systems Administrator

joined the team

June 2019

What brought you to the College of Medicine?

When I first moved to Spokane and started looking for jobs, the posting for the College of Medicine really stood out. It can be so easy to find a job that is monotonous and unrewarding, so having the opportunity to support the program and contribute towards the mission of the college really appealed to me. I was fortunate enough to get the position and grow to where I am now!

What do you love about living in Spokane?

I love having four unique seasons! Before moving to Spokane, I lived in North Carolina, where all year long the weather was hot and humid . . . or slightly less hot and humid.

What is your favorite kind of cookie?

I’m a huge fan of Christmas cookies! I have amazing recipes for sugar cookies and butter cookies from my great aunt that taste all the better when in the shape of snowflakes and trees!

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