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Shyla Carr

Class of 2024/Spokane


I recently started making perler bead art in the company of my wife and 4 dogs.

What’s your pre-med school technology background?

I’ve had an interest in technology from a very young age. My grandma actually taught computers at an elementary school and always had the latest computers and tech at home, so whenever I was at her house, I had an opportunity to learn how to use or troubleshoot something new.

I’ve also been a casual video gamer on various platforms since childhood, which has exposed me to multiple modes of technology. I can actually attribute my understanding of programming Anki to adding mods to Skyrim.

What’s your favorite app? 

My new favorite app is GoodNotes 5: it has allowed me to download and use a digital planner and reading tracker. I’m typically a disorganized person and have always had trouble using physical planners. However, the digital planner has really been working for me, so hopefully I’ll stay a little more organized!

I also recently started using the Libby app , which allows you to read ebooks or listen to audiobooks with your library card. I’m the type of person who buys more books than I’m able to read, so this has actually saved me a lot of money lately. It’s also really convenient to have my books on my iPad or phone, which has pushed me to finish more books.

What’s the best part about being a Student Tech Lead? 

I enjoy being able to talk with different presenters before class—something I was not really able to do before.

How do you plan to incorporate technology into your practice as a physician? 

Technology is becoming a huge part of medicine, and I’d really love to stay on the forefront of that. New ultrasound technology is especially prevalent in emergency and internal medicine, and I’d like to become skilled with this.

Aside from technology, what do you nerd out over? 

I really enjoy reading, so I’ll definitely nerd out over a good book.

I’ve also started to get into film photography, but this might be considered technology.

What is your number 1 tech tip for med students or faculty?

I would say that my number 1 tech tip is to be comfortable with the tech you have and regularly use. Familiarize yourself with your computer, iPad, etc., because you will use them a lot more than you think.

I would also say it’s worth it to have a device that works for you with the most functionality as well. The first year of medical school was online for me, and I had an old laptop that repeatedly caused me problems. I saved myself a great deal of headache by upgrading the next year.

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