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One of our astute students (thank you, Olivia!)  asked if there was a way to log into the UpToDate app rather than going through library resources. After a little digging, we discovered that, yes! There is a way to do it. What follows next is a quick tutorial on how to make the UpToDate app work on your iPad.

Note: You will need to create an account with UpToDate. This is done easily through the web browser.

Step 1
In Library Resources, click on the UpToDate link so that the institution name will follow you to the UpToDate website.
Step 2
Once you get to the UpToDate site, click the Log In button.

Notice how the institution name followed you to the site? Makes life a little easier . . .
Step 3
Click on the
Register Now button.
Step 4
Register through UpToDate—
use your WSU email and
whatever password you prefer.
Now, you can download the app to your iPad and log in!

If you like speaking to the iPad (and really, who doesn’t?), you can enable voice search, too!

So now, when you see all those perfect reference links in CBL, or if you are doing research on your own, or if you are not on the WSU wireless, this may be a good option for you to use!

Why you might like this app

You can take the links (like from your Case-Based Learning books) and paste them in the search to find results, with the top result being the actual reference. You can then use all of your fancy note-taking apps and iPad skills to highlight, reference, and otherwise do what you need to with the article.

The nice thing is, if you paste the reference from CBL in the app, it will deliver a whole slew of other article topics as well, so if you want to do more research on their own, you have a list to work from right away.

Pro tip

The Lexicomp drug information is helpful—you might want to use this in your pharma thread sessions. (Lexicomp info can be found in the menu under Drug Interactions.)

Do you have questions about this app?

Get in touch with MedTech! We to hear from you.

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