Building Bridges Technology Conference

Members of the WSU College of Medicine Office of Technology team attended the Washington State Higher Education Building Bridges Technology Conference at the Spokane Convention Center on August 11 and 12. We gave presentations on some of our College of Medicine technology initiatives, including:

  • Delivering an All-Digital Curriculum through iPads

    Jacki Hudec and James Henderson

  • Nimble, Efficient, and Awfully Complicated: Building a Website for the Office of Technology

    Ariane Smith and Danielle Conti

  • Project Management: From chaos to 30,000+ strategically managed tasks a month

    Danielle Conti, Erika Fleck, and Jacki Hudec

  • Your Data Looks Like a Carrot: Applying a data-forward approach to champion technology initiatives

    Sean Girard

Hosted by Washington State University, the conference was attended by technologists and educators from colleges from across Washington, including Central Washington University, Everett Community College, and more. The MedTech team received several inquiries about their presentations, and we enjoyed having the opportunity to connect with colleagues from across the state!

Other Office of Technology Presentations in 2022

  • Data Storytelling: A technical talk for non-technical people

    Elentra Engage Conference. Pasadena, California. September 2022.
    Presentation by Sean Girard

  • How Technology is Driving our Healthcare Access Mission

    Apple Higher Education Meeting. WebEx. July 2022.
    Presentation by Dawn Cooper, Erika Fleck, and Jim Record

  • Making It Work: Support strategies for small staffs in times of turnover

    Information Technology in Academic Medicine Conference. New York City. June 2022.
    Co-presentation by: Jacki Hudec for WSU, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Stanford, University of California–Irvine, University of North Carolina

  • Tablets in Health Sciences Education: Lessons learned and next steps

    Information Technology in Academic Medicine Conference. New York City. June 2022.
    Co-presentation by: Erika Fleck for WSU, University of California–Irvine, University of California–San Diego, University of North Carolina

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