Adobe Max: After Effects

Attending the Adobe Max conference last October was an unforgettable experience. I was impressed by the amount of creative energy flowing through the L.A. Convention Center, where thousands of attendees from a wide range of backgrounds—type, images, video, animation, virtual reality, print design, web design, 3D—converged for a week of conference sessions and learning labs. My background is in web design and development, so I gravitated toward XD (design software for websites and apps) and After Effects (motion graphics design) courses for my week’s schedule.

The MedTech team was planning a Halloween event to feature our service offerings to students, staff, and faculty. Right before we left for Adobe Max, the planning committee had discussed creating signage for each booth. While sitting in one of my After Effects sessions, I realized that I could use AE to create animated signage on iPads for our MedTech booths—it was a great way to reinforce what I had learned at the conference.

First, I needed tutorials to help me with text animation so that I could create text that matched the look and feel we were going for: oozy text that was the base for each sign.

Next, I looked through Lottie animations to find Halloween-themed characters to add to the signs. After Effects has a Lottie animation plugin, so importing existing Lottie animations into AE projects is a straightforward process.

Early on, I ran into a few issues with importing Lottie animations: they were a different size and length (timing). I had to go into each individual animation and adjust timing and size, which I had learned to do in my lab sessions the conference—a perfect chance to put into practice my new skills.

Overall, I am really happy with my first attempt at creating projects in After Effects. I plan to continue to use this program to create additional design elements for various projects on the team—I’m currently animating a video about the MedTech team. If you have a good use case for motion graphics on a project you are working on, feel free to reach out, and I would be more than happy to collaborate with you.

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