Clerkship MedEd applications

When you enter your clerkship years, the college provides you with a few new applications to assist you in your learning. You may also find that some of these applications will be used in the courses and rotations that you take. We’d like to take this opportunity to remind you of the applications you have at your disposal!


Aquifer is a clinical case library that enables students to remotely experience a wide variety of clinical scenarios across many specialties. Overall, Aquifer contains 150+ cases/modules to help develop clinical reasoning.

ECG Weekly

Amal Mattu’s ECG Weekly Workout is an excellent online compendium of EKG “Cases of the Week,” including brief patient vignettes, questions regarding the diagnosis and management of the patient, and recorded lectures with detailed discussion of the salient points.


Radiology-Teaches uses case vignettes to simulate the process of ordering imaging studies, and provides evidence-based feedback to help students better use imaging and reduce waste. This resource also trains students on using ACR Select,  which is a widely used support tool for clinical decision-making.

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