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Shelby Koch

Class of 2024/Everett


I’ve summited Mount Baker and Mount St. Helens on skis.

What’s your pre-med school technology background?

I worked in the archives at the University of Oklahoma and did lots of document and image processing. I also love photography and have learned how to use editing software such as Adobe Lightroom. Other than that, I have mostly used programs related to schoolwork and statistics, like RStudio.

What’s your favorite app? 

I think that it would be the Audubon Field Guide. I love birdwatching, and it’s my go-to if I want help identifying an unfamiliar bird or if I want to brush up on songs and calls. It has a nice feature where you can select the identifiable features of a bird (color, size, beak/tail shape, etc.), and it will give you a list of possible birds in your area.

What’s the best part about being a Student Tech Lead? 

I like being able to help those who need it and keep things running smoothly. Sometimes it just takes someone asking if they checked the Share Audio button when sharing a video on Zoom. Nobody likes to feel stuck or helpless, and it’s nice to be right there to help solve problems or troubleshoot.

How do you plan to incorporate technology into your practice as a physician? 

I think it will be key to be organized with all the different programs you use and the bits of information you want to hang on to for future use. Of course, we all have to be familiar with different EHR systems, but providers also have Outlook, Teams, Zoom, and other programs to balance. I think there will be nifty gadgets to incorporate as well, like dermatoscopes and handheld ultrasound machines.

Aside from technology, what do you nerd out over? 

Definitely birdwatching. I love to go out and see which birds live in my neighborhood and go on little hikes to try to spot new ones. It’s always a great feeling to start being able to identify species without a field guide in front of you. Now I have also started improving at identifying birds by their songs and calls. It’s a nice activity to relax and take your mind off school and rotations.

Photo of a male Northern Flicker taken by me on WSU’s Spokane campus

What is your number 1 tech tip for med students or faculty?

Using Notability (or a comparable app) instead of printing forms out. I feel like I have saved so much money from not having to print out piles and piles of onboarding paperwork because I can fill it out in Notability.

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